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CorKat provides Aerospace IT solutions as a managed service provider for aerospace companies. The aerospace industry is becoming increasingly competitive. The aerospace industry has technical needs that we are prepared to provide. Airlines and aircraft operators rely on critical applications and data. Highly secure network environments need adequate service and review. You need intelligent and attentive dedicated IT support. Our IT solutions help aerospace companies achieve both performance and safety at all times.

Additionally, secure environments are required to keep both business and consumer data safe. So, let us handle that for you. We will ensure uncompromised operations such as scheduling and routine planning. We focus on the technology of our business, so you can focus on the essential, non-technical, operations.

CorKat understands your company’s means for profit. Means for profit, such as online booking and flight management must run smoothly remaining accessible 24/7. Such technologies, are at the heart of any aerospace business operations. Our information technology solutions provide competitive technologies no matter the size of your business. You will have the support you need for safe, secure and profitable operations.

Understanding Aerospace IT & Growth

CorKat understands your IT solution must fit your unique needs. Our solutions are custom and allow for technical evolutionary growth. Meaning, your solution is scaled for your needs now, with the ability to amend those needs as technology changes. This provides the leverage your company requires to remain competitive. The CorKat team works with you to craft effective solutions that work well with your existing internal processes. With the right strategy, your business is free from constraints that prevent efficiency. This provides the opportunity and ability to take full advantage of new opportunities as they emerge. Our solutions will give your business the advantage it needs to reach its full potential in a safe manner with confidence of stakeholders.

We understand the unique needs of IT for clients within the aerospace industry and provide the effective, comprehensive solutions that enable professionals to operate to the highest efficiency and compliance. We stand ready to deliver the IT support that ensures you are ready for industry demands today and into the future.

Information Technology Experience

Aerospace IT

Over one-hundred six years of collective IT experience to invest in your aerospace technical needs and company growth.