Disaster Recovery

Protect your important assets

There are many types of disasters: flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, hacking, sabotage… even human error could lead to a disaster. For businesses, data is a particularly vulnerable asset that needs protecting against disaster.

No matter the circumstances, losing business data is catastrophic and can destroy a business’s operations permanently. Even if the disruption is temporary, it can majorly affect a business’s chances. Unlike most physical items, data can’t be replaced unless the business has invested in a continuity plan like data backup or disaster recovery.

  • 69 percent of IT infrastructure decision makes aren’t confident in their ability to recover business-critical data following an attack.
  • 76 percent of organizations have reported at least one attack or incident during the last two years that meant a disaster recovery plan was necessary.
  • 17 percent of organizations test their disaster recovery plan over twice a year.

Tailored disaster recovery options

All businesses and organizations have different needs with regard to continuity planning. CorKat Cloud offers disaster recovery solutions that are tailored to your needs.

VMware-powered Disaster Recovery

VMware-powered Disaster Recovery will protect workloads in the cloud and on-site, with multiple service regions and SLA profiles available.

Our options are flexible so that you can protect your company’s assets.

When part of your organization’s continuity plan, disaster recovery provides resilience against security breaches, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters.

VMware-powered disaster recovery is protection that is both affordable and reliable and means that businesses reduce their risks while complying with regulations. This data-recovery solution has flexible retention policies and RPOs (Recovery Point Objectives) and is tailored to your business needs to provide protection for your data.

Options for disaster recovery depending on your needs

Zerto-powered disaster recovery

This hypervisor-based comprehensive solution gives organizations continuous replication. This means that recovery is faster.

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) with Zerto has the most comprehensive data replication in the industry for vSphere by VMware. It offers RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and faster recovery that has production-class replication for SAS, SSD and SATA.

This Zerto interface means you can initiate recovery straight into the VMware environment. The technology is simple point-and-click. You select a VM to boot up and replicate in the data center. You can carry out failover tests at any time on the self-service portal free of charge.

What’s more, our team of engineers ensures that all of the networking is set to your organization’s specifications. This direct connection means recovery can happen in 15 minutes! This makes it a perfect solution for mission-critical data.

Disaster recovery for enterprise

  • Continuous consistency group, no snapshots, data loss = seconds
  • Virtual aware – hypervisor-based
  • Continuous protection – recovery to the second
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery
  • Quick ‘click-to-test’ and ‘click-to-failover’ recovery
  • Takes minutes to install
  • No downtime
  • Scalable software
  • Disaster recovery standards

With Zerto, your cloud IT will run continuously. Their solution is scalable and businesses can move seamlessly through the continuity platform, protecting virtualized workloads on private, public or hybrid clouds. Their flagship product is Zerto Virtual Replication. This is the standard protection of data in virtualized data centers and the cloud.