Managed Threat Response

Complete Managed Threat Response (Endpoint Detection and Response) wherever your organization needs it

Fast growth of cyberattacks such as ransomware means that organizations are reconsidering the different tools that they use to identify threats and respond to them on their network.

Managed Threat Response (Endpoint Detection and Response) from CorKat Cloud stops security breaches, preventing damage from ransomware in real-time, thus eliminating time gaps between detecting threats and responding to them.

This solution improves an organization’s security position by the prevention and detection of endpoint threats and also minimizes the impact the threats can have.

One-third of cyberattacks are bypassing traditional security measures and encrypt files within a matter of seconds

77 percent of successful cyberattacks use fileless techniques

Management and Monitoring

Powered by Sophos, this security solution includes round-the-clock monitoring and management by the CorKat Cloud SOC (Security Operations Center). Managed Threat Response involves a company’s customizable and specific playbooks and security policies with their desired automated responses that meet ever-evolving threats while providing automatic remediation. You can rely upon our Security Operations Center to give you data that is actionable and secures your network.

Summary of managed service


Discover and Protect – proactive risk mitigation.

Prevent – pre-execution protection

Detect – detect threats in real-time


Defuse – stop breach and data loss

Respond and investigate – full attack visibility

Remediate and roll back – disinfection