Managed Email Security

Protect your emails from common attacks daily

With malicious attacks continuing to evolve and becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s ever more vital to have security solutions and services.

It’s well known that around 85% of businesses have had phishing attacks. What’s more alarming is that over 30% of these get opened. Even more alarming is that 12% of people actually click on the malicious link or attachment.

  • 85% of businesses have received phishing attacks
  • 30% of messages get opened
  • 12% of people click on the malicious link or attachment

To protect against new threats, CorKat Cloud has a Managed Email Security system that protects email environments from daily, common attacks. This email security solution includes:

  • Antimalware/antivirus: protect your organization against a large range of evolving threats
  • Antispam: we have a wide range of techniques that can identify and then block the majority of email spam. This is where the majority of phishing attacks occur.
  • Whitelist/blacklist: Explicitly deny or allow emails from specific addresses or domains.
  • User Quarantine Emails: Simplified access to emails with end-user management for quarantine
  • Content filters: limits on email content as per specified criteria like regular expressions or file type
  • IBE (Identity Based Encryption): Email is encrypted via a secure portal
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention): Leverage policies and meet requirements for compliance. Prevent your sensitive data from escaping via email.

Reduce exposure and risks of malicious attacks through CorKat Cloud’s Managed Email Security.