Virtual Private Servers through CorKat Cloud

CorKat Cloud’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS) solutions suit everyone’s needs.

We offer scalability, high performance and simplicity at prices that can’t be beaten.

Complete scalability

Our Virtual Private Servers solutions are suitable for everyone’s needs, whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise. If your business grows, it’s really easy to scale up and you don’t have to provision resources. Simply buy what you need whenever you need it through the CorKat Cloud Control Panel. With this, therefore, you only have to pay for the things you use, which helps everyone manage their budget.

Increase your performance

Our Virtual Private Servers are configured and assembled via CorKat Cloud to provide optimal, premium performance. These servers are powered by next-generation architecture, resilient infrastructure and NVMe SSD storage, to meet all of your requirements.

An environment that is dedicated to your business

VPS with CorKat Cloud allows you to use all of your business applications and website hosting resources. You also have admin access to the VPS too. With our Virtual Private Server range, business owners are able to manage their web projects in a scaled server environment according to their needs.

Independence and simplicity

With CorKat Cloud’s Virtual Private Servers Solutions, you don’t need to be concerned about technical faults, upgrading components or other hardware constraints – yet you are still in control of your business’s virtual server. You have the choice of a varied range of Windows and Linux operating systems that are already pre-installed – and you also have control panels for web hosting too.

Traffic is unlimited

Your VPS server traffic is unlimited subject to a maximum bandwidth. With this, you’re able to host applications or services that need high bandwidth, which means your customers experience optimal browsing with no extra cost.

Different backup options

CorKat Cloud offers a different option for backing up your VPS. With auto backup, your data will be regularly updated automatically. You can also take snapshot backups of your Virtual Private Server in a matter of clicks.


CorKat Cloud’s VPS solutions are ideal for hosting applications for businesses that are in a pre-production or production environment. CorKat Cloud’s infrastructure provides minimal latency for all of your services and your hardware availability is guaranteed by our SLA. With this, you have a stable and constant service that is always available.

Forget traditional servers

One of the advantages of having a VPS is that businesses don’t need to worry about managing hardware. With a VPS, you don’t need to monitor hard disk status, CPU or RAM. VPS are moderate sizes and can host most web project types. If you want to be able to manage hardware and use other solutions that aren’t web-based, we recommend choosing a dedicated server instead.

Generally speaking, if you have web activity that is growing, you can move to a dedicated server or a public cloud solution. These provide infrastructures that are more flexible and complex to adapt to higher growth.