Virtual Desktops

Secure and simplified desktop management

With the world becoming increasingly mobile, providers and businesses are continuously searching for different ways of delivering secure virtual desktops to users. The management and deployment of a desktop environment can be simplified with DaaS.

It’s possible to access applications and data via virtual environments meaning providers and businesses can patch, maintain and support single environments instead of multiple individual desktops. With a central environment, data is much more secure. Users are able to work from anywhere and from different devices.

The benefits of virtual desktops for business


Faster updates and onboarding as instead of managing desktops on a 1:1 basis, remote desktops can be managed on a basis of 1: many.


Integration of Group Policy and central management means that security policies will be enforced automatically across all desktops. Critical updates can be applied easily to VM pools instead of single desktops.


With virtual desktops, you can implement initiatives for remote work that can be accessed whenever and wherever as the data is synced automatically in real-time.


Virtual desktops mean fewer security costs, less physical hardware and less management, which affects the bottom line directly.


Eliminate or reduce hardware costs by allowing BYOD (bring your own device).


Empower the workforce with a real work-from-anywhere role.

CorKat Cloud is a proud verified VMware Cloud partner, which is a mark of distinction. This world-class platform responsible for the modernization of data centers for customers is offered as a validated service via certain VMware partners.

Custom Solutions

The DaaS solution that we provide gives you the virtual desktop and infrastructure experience that will complement your chosen LaaS solution. DaaS is constructed using Windows and gives an experience that gives all users access to their desktop from anywhere and on any device.


DaaS gives you a solution that is flexible in meeting the business needs of your clients.