Managed Firewall

Protection for your business. Any time. Anywhere. Any device.

Protect your employees from malware and phishing, your network from attacks, and data from all unauthorized access with CorKat Cloud’s Managed Firewall.

Increase your performance, have more visibility on your network and protect from unplanned downtime.

CorKat Cloud Security Operations Center backs your network and protects it with its platform built on FortinetFortiGate Next-Generation Firewall – an industry leader.

Why choose Managed Firewall?

Just like lots of technological practices, cyberattacks are becoming more effective and mature. As time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to make sure your protection addresses current threats. CorKat Cloud has a high-touch service, which supports business needs and deals with new threats as they arrive. With CorKat Cloud’s Managed Firewall, you have access to experts in cybersecurity directly and so you will be free from the burden of having in-house cybersecurity expertise.

  • Next-Gen Firewall Features
  • Advanced protection against threats/ unified management of threats
  • Network anti-malware and anti-virus
  • Intrusion protection and detection
  • Content/web filtering
  • Remote Access that is secure

CorKat Cloud’s Managed Firewall Includes:

Alerting and Monitoring:

  • Utilization and Performance
  • Security Events
  • Analytics and Trending

Maintenance and support

  • Utilization and Performance
  • Security Events
  • Analytics and Trending

Metrics and reporting

  • Threat reports each month
  • Regulatory/compliance reporting
  • Custom reporting ad-hoc

Three reasons for switching to SD-WAN

Reduce high TCO and complexity by eliminating expensive MPLS circuits. Leverage broadband solutions that are more cost-effective.

Improve performance of cloud applications through the prioritization of business-critical applications. Enable communication between different branches via the Internet directly.

Enhance your security with best-of-breed NGFW and SD-WAN functionality with one appliance.

Secure Managed SD-WAN

Keep up with all digital businesses and keep your operating expenses low. Most solutions can’t keep up with the security demands, performance and functionality required for today’s business environment. It is for these reasons that many businesses choose to migrate away from WAN and go to Managed SD-WAN. CorKat Cloud’s Secure Managed SD-WAN can be an add-on to your Managed Firewall and can facilitate the transition to a WAN that is more cost-effective and secure.