Object Storage

Secure, flexible storage solutions on the cloud

Secure and flexible S3-compatible storage services on the cloud mean your data protection and storage needs can be met.

With the industry’s largest management features and limitless scalability, you will be able to store any size data for uses such as manufacturing, healthcare, video surveillance, IoT, financial services, broadcasting and much more.

Our object storage is fully compatible with any S3 storage application and our platform will support your data management and data protection applications too.

With us, you will have unmatched data protection and data durability as well. We are a provider you can trust and our enterprise-grade platform is highly redundant and fault-tolerant so you don’t have downtime. We provide lots of security features so you have complete control with regards to access.

Service benefits

Highly available, enterprise-class cloud storage, fully compatible with your existing applications.

The most complete in the industry for compatibility with S3 API

Connect to all applications supporting S3 API, the standard connectivity in the industry for storage on the cloud. Limitless storage of big data, media files, data protection and more.

Predictable billing

Billing without hidden fees. You only pay for the storage you need.

Zero capital expense

Only pay for storage when you need it, avoiding capital expenses upfront.

Geographic Distribution

Locate data when needed in order to meet regulatory compliance or DR objectives and more.

Limitless Scale

There are no lower or upper capacity limits, your storage is on demand.


Individual environments for storage serving multiple groups.


Secure data with SSL encryption (HTTPS) for in-transit data and AES-256 encryption server-side for your data stored at rest. WORM support, if required, gives you data immutability.

Use cases

SaaS – Storage as a Service

Storage for S3 API applications and S3-compatible storage for dev ops projects.

NAS Offload

Tier less-frequently used data and free up expensive NAS capacity with utilities from Komprise, Isilon and NetApp.

BaaS (Backup as a Service)/AaaS (Archive as a Service)

Data durability and affordable capacity make a model target for applications to protect your data like Veritas, Commvault, Veeam and Rubrik.

Media Asset Management

Manage your creative assets with solutions for media management from vendors like Evertz and Adobe.

A big data repository that’s cost-effective

Storage for S3 API applications and S3-compatible storage for DevOps projects.