Cloud Backup

Secure, efficient and seamless solutions to backup

Is your business data ready for the cloud? Moving over to a cloud-based solution will help your business to have a solid continuity plan. Your data will be protected offsite and you will have disaster recovery plans. It can be challenging to get backups off-site, however. These challenges include:

  • Limited bandwidth
  • Rising Data Volumes
  • Budget and Lack of Adequate Resources

BaaS (Backup as a Service)

CorKat Cloud Option

Whether you’d like to compliment your existing backup solution with an extra repository or target or install a primary one, CorKat Cloud’s backup system provides a secure, affordable, and remote storage destination for your existing servers and infrastructure on the cloud.


Use your CorKat Cloud repository as a local backup using any strategy. It’s a simple case of opening up the console and making your repository into a target for backup copies. You don’t need any extra downloads or licenses.


CorKat Cloud can have backup schemes like synthetic fulls and forever-forward incremental as well as others, to maximize restore points while minimizing data transfer.


With CorKat Cloud you can rest easy. All of your backup data is encrypted at source, at rest, and in transit. This doesn’t impact negatively at all on your data transferring to the cloud. CorKat Cloud makes sure your data is kept confidential and safe just like it would be if you had your own offsite repository.

Ransomware protection with your backup

Ransomware attacks occur more and more. They wreak havoc for businesses because they render backup data and source data useless. Ransomware attacks can potentially shut down whole operations. This means that services that mitigate these risks are critical to businesses.

Secure BaaS by CorKat Cloud offers ransomware protection built-in. The protection has a feature called Object Lock and this protects the data at the system storage level. This means that the data can’t be changed or deleted for a specific period. Since it can’t be changed, it can’t be encrypted by ransomware. Data is safe and ransomware can’t get to it.

Protection against ransomware

Data Protection

Regulatory Compliance

At CorKat Cloud, we hold all the knowledge and certifications to be the powerful solution you need.

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