Hosting with CorKat Cloud

Email Hosting, Video Hosting and Web Hosting with CorKat Cloud

Email, video and web hosting are essential business tools to enable success. CorKat Cloud’s easy-to-use email, video and web hosting solutions are a secure, reliable and affordable choice that can scale according to your business needs. Continue reading to discover why we are the first choice for many businesses worldwide.

The best features

Access your emails, videos and sites from any device, anytime, anywhere. We provide premium anti-virus and spam protection and have a strict anti-ad policy.

The best service

Experience 100% guaranteed uptime with experts on hand 24/7/365.

For your budget

Drive forward your business by only paying for services and professional features that your business needs.

Email Hosting by CorKat Cloud

CorKat Cloud’s email hosting is a business-class, affordable email hosting tool with anywhere, anytime access and 100% guaranteed uptime. Our solution is backed by industry-leading administration and SLA access to our email hosting team of experts 24/7/365.

Access your emails via our webmail application, smartphone or through Outlook.

Experience 100% guaranteed uptime with premium anti-virus and spam protection.

Enjoy privacy without ever seeing pop-up ads.

Web Hosting and Video Hosting with CorKat Cloud

Web hosting and video hosting by CorKat Cloud is secure, reliable, powerful and flexible. Users have remote access to all their hosted applications alongside their data, websites and SaaS apps as well as the Microsoft suite – all via a secure single entry-point.

Your web and video hosting infrastructure can be straightforward with a simple single server or a private, highly customized cloud environment. Whichever complexity or configuration you need, leverage our capabilities and expertise.

Top-notch security

CorKat Cloud’s infrastructure is hardened with CIS (Center for Internet Security) standards. We provide vulnerability scans every hour on all of the systems. Additionally, our Operations Center will monitor all infrastructure 24/7/365.

Our servers have daily provisions from a tested and patched golden image to ensure all of your serves are up-to-date with fresh builds.

Managed hosting with dedicated infrastructure

For optimal flexibility and security, CorKat Cloud offers single-tenant hosting.

We provide an expert team with premier hosting to run your business cloud infrastructure. Your business can also benefit from the enhanced security, control and performance of single-tenant hosting, which is important for our security-driven clients. Everything is supported by our experts 24/7/365.

Built-in regulatory compliance

CorKat Cloud’s email, web and video hosting is purpose-build for security-minded, regulated companies and undergoes yearly examination by independent third parties to deliver the best end-to-end services to our clients.

See the difference with our expertise

Everyone needs their applications to function but oftentimes people end up spending time managing daily operations and vendors, and troubleshooting. Our experts have a wealth of experience in supporting a variety of different business applications. They are here to assist you with tasks that you prefer not to do or can’t do yourself.

Application hosting with high availability

Site availability and server uptime are priorities in all businesses. At CorKat Cloud, we ensure reliability with any unexpected downtime coming at a cost. Thankfully, you can protect your business with High Availability (HA) and redundancy. A High Availability (HA) configuration can add a secondary and tertiary service in lots of different physical regions. Data is replicated so that all environments are in sync and there is a failover mechanism should an outage occur. Secondary servers will take over without very minimal interruption.