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CorKat provides government IT solutions as a managed service provider for government entities. Data integrity and security are paramount for government initiatives. With extensive experience working with government agencies of all kinds, we develop robust IT solutions that maximize security and deliver the detailed data management that government operations expect.From data collection and storage to effective management of project and teams, alongside the need for clear, accurate dissemination of information to a wide audience through multiple channels, information technology covers a broad range of activities. 

Data Integrity and Security

Governmental operations offer a unique challenge for any IT solution, requiring the highest level of security and data integrity, but also needing to allow for transparent processes that electorates expect from their officials. Systems need to be intuitive to use, effective over time and adaptable to changing situations. This means a tailored approach that meets the scope of any project today, while ensuring the flexibility to be part of any IT strategy moving forwards. 

Creating effective technology solutions also means ensuring value.  Procurement is subject to scrutiny, not just from immediate stakeholders, but the broader electorate too. We provide exceptional solutions that build in value by being price competitive while encompassing additional features and capabilities that others cannot match. Our team have extensive experience in crafting IT solutions. We understand how to take the necessary steps to ensure every system achieves targets for both performance and cost.

Additionally, CorKat provides routine IT services and maintenance to its customers. CorKat has a strong background in data and provides exceptional hosted solutions that comply with all legislation and standards. Our experience allows us to ensure seamless integration into a wide network of operations. 

Information Technology Experience

Government IT

Over one-hundred six years of collective IT experience to invest in your government technical needs and company growth.