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CorKat provides manufacturing IT solutions as a managed service provider for manufacturing and construction companies. Operational efficiency in both construction and manufacturing is built on effective communications and process scheduling. CorKat solutions for construction and manufacturing focuses on providing a solution that works across multiple locations and in challenging or time-sensitive conditions. We offer robust networking capabilities that fortify communications for all users. Users of our solutions are usually office coordinators, project managers, customers, and more. Your technology solution will provide access to project specific information and can be dispersed teams in most conditions.

In addition, our solutions ensure extensive security provision for both corporate espionage and external attack. Expect a complete end-to-end support system that maintains integrity and operational uptime. What this means for businesses of all sizes is a more efficient operational approach, with improved communications at every level. Information technology gives business leaders and managers detailed data and direct influence in a more granular way. 

With more details and accurate information, decision makers have the tools for making informed decisions. This provides opportunity for building an effective strategy on accurate insight, rather than assumption. Now you can see, technology has a larger impact than the actual solution itself. Technology solutions help leadership build better strategy with a long-term impact on profitability and business growth. 

Data & IT Services Specialists for Your Industry

As construction and manufacturing IT specialists, we can help you develop a comprehensive technical approach that will have an immediate impact on production or on-site operations. In your industry, your company likely struggles with project management, information accessibility, and communications. Eliminate those barriers within your company with the right technology solution. There may even be threats to your company you haven’t even considered. Like, what happens during a technical disaster where you experience data loss. The gravity of that loss could cripple or even close your business. We help companies with your challenges, everyday. Spend time with the CorKat team so we can analyze and develop the best technology solution for your company. 

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Over one-hundred six years of collective IT experience to invest in your manufacturing and construction technical needs and company growth.