Non-Profit IT Solutions

Your Colorado-Based Managed Services Provider

CorKat delivers non-profit IT solutions as a managed services provider for non-profit companies. In an industry where every cent counts, getting the most value from your technical solution is required. Whether it is developing a detailed IT strategy for the medium-to-long term, or maximizing return on investment through the use of hosted services, we are here to help all organizations enjoy the high-performing solutions for-profit companies use offering the same advantages.

Competitive IT Solutions for Non-Profit Companies

Our IT solutions have a track record of success in many industries, and we follow the same path with our non-profit IT systems, too. The key to success with any IT strategy it to understand the client, their needs and their future expectations. This is especially important in organizations like yours, where getting maximum value from every dollar spent is more important than ever. Our team work with you to assess your organization’s IT needs and we work from there to craft a powerful solution that will enhance operations. Overall, your company will experience improvement of its efficiency.

With regular experience in the industry, we understand both the cost and operational pressures your company operates under. CorKat works with you to gain detailed insight into the organization.  Our team will collect information necessary so we will know exactly where to prioritize our efforts. By working hard to gain insight, we provide the solution that you need. Our solutions differ from the off-the-shelf solutions. As the result, you benefit from a system that supports your organization both now and into the future. 

Information Technology Experience

Non-Profit IT

Over one-hundred six years of collective IT experience to invest in your non-profit technical needs and company growth.