Plumbing IT, HVAC, and Electrical IT Solutions

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CorKat delivers plumbing IT, HVAC, and electrical solutions as a managed services provider trade services companies. From inventory management to effective estimates, plumbing professionals rely on dedicated technology to operate and manage their business effectively. Our solid IT solutions cater to the unique challenges trades face in the office, or in the field. CorKat understands a trade service company operates at its best when the company has invested in a decent IT solution.

With increasing expectations from customers and an industry becoming more competitive every day, getting the plumbing IT infrastructure right is crucial for businesses of any size. Whether you are a small company seeking growth or a larger business trying to maintain market share, your IT infrastructure provides the platform for achieving those goals. From enhanced performance in estimating to the customer service experience, plumbing IT services can redefine your business and fuel success. 

IT Solutions for Tradesmen

As highly experienced IT experts, we understand how important the right IT solution is for you today. Our team work closely with you, gaining an understanding of your operations and needs to develop a plumbing IT solution that works for you. We provide scalable solutions that can grow with you, ensuring that you always have the support needed wherever your drive and skill takes you. Our systems cover everything from time tracking and invoicing to inventory management, estimations and more. With a guarantee of quality, our plumbing IT solutions are built for your unique needs and goals. We create tech-based systems that work for you, enhancing operations, freeing up time, improving efficiency and saving you money. Together, they improve your business and give you more control and insight into every aspect of the business.  

With full support and maintenance options available, our Plumbing IT solutions deliver the dedicated, tailored IT provision that enables industry professionals to maintain competitiveness and increase efficiency. 

Information Technology Experience

Tradesmen IT

Over one-hundred six years of collective IT experience to invest in your tradesmen technical needs and company growth.